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Monday, September 01, 2008

Korean Movie ~ Sex Is Zero 2 [2007]

I have been absent from my blog for a little while now but during this absence, I had the chance to catch up on some movies and dramas that I have always wanted to watch but could not find the time. See, once I get back into the groove of watching a movie a night, or at least every other night, I would not have the right frame of mind to work on my blogs.

Sex Is Zero 2 movie poster

One of the movies I watched was the Korean American Pie, Sex is Zero 2. This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Korean sexual comedy, Sex is Zero. I watched that and if you did, you must watch this. I know that Zero 2 has received some negative comments from movie critics for trying too hard to be grossly funny but this kind of mindless comedy is just my kind of movie after a long day at work.

A very drunk Eun-sik

Zero 2 is the kind of movie that works on your imagination yet it is not one that requires you to think too much, or work out the plot or listen too hard to the conversation. It does bring out the laughs and if you have been wondering if the producers could top the fried sperm sandwich scene in Sex is Zero, I am here to tell you that they could.

Eun-sik gives a piggie back ride to Kyeong-ah

The original cast of Sex is Zero is back except for the lead actress, Ji-won Ha, who has been replaced by Sung Ji Hyo, the ballerina in Goong. Ji-won Ha has a cameo appearance in the beginning of the movie, though, which shows how she and Eun-sik broke up.

Eun-sik proposes to Kyeong-ah

Im Chang-jeong, who carries the role of Eun-sik, is actually a popular comedian in Korea, but judging by looks, you would not know that.

The gang having a good time

If you have yet to watch this movie, it was released in December, 2007, by the way, then I will not leak out the storyline. However, watching this video clip that I found on YouTube would give you a pretty good indication of how the movie will be like.

Oh yes, do look out for a cameo appearance by Denis Kang, a French-Korean mixed-martial arts champion, at the end of the movie.

A cameo appearance by Denis Kang


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