Monday, October 20, 2008

Japanese Movie ~ 10 Promises to My Dog [2008]

I know that it has been an awfully long time since I last updated my blog. Since my last post, The Myth, I have continued to watch movies and dramas but I guess that I just can't find the time to blog about them. It's either I watch, or I blog, not both, which makes me a bad owner of a movie blog.

Anyway, since The Myth, I have watched the following:

Korean movie - A Tale of Legendary Libido
Singaporean movie - Ah Long Pte. Ltd.
TVB drama - Moonlight Resonance
TVB drama - Heart of Greed
TVB drama - When A Dog Loves A Cat
Japanese movie - 10 Promises To My Dog

As you probably know from the title of this post, I am reviewing 10 Promises To My Dog, Inu to Watashi no 10 no Yakusoku. However, I will not go about telling what this movie is all about as you probably have already read about it online but let me just say that this movie has a very weak storyline, very tame and the only thing nice about it is the golden retriever, Socks.

Sure, it touches on the theme that many pet owners, particularly dog owners, could relate to but I feel that this story has just scratched the surface of a owner - pet relationship. The only scene where I felt emotionally involved in the movie was when Socks died (of old age) and I guess that's because as a dog lover and owner, I have experienced one too many times of canine death in various tragic circumstances to boot.

The basic plot of 10 Promises To My Dog is about how “life” came between Akira, the 14-year-old girl who promised to keep Socks no matter what, and Socks, her loyal companion. After ten years, Akira has so many things going for her that Socks no longer plays a part in her life, and in fact, Akira even felt that Socks was hampering her lifestyle.

I think that people who love their pets would never think so. Pets are like family and in this case, Socks was a perfectly healthy dog and she has Saito, Akira’s father, when Akira’s busy living.

In any case, this movie is worth watching if you love dogs. Socks, the puppy, is extremely cute and as an adult dog, she is absolutely beautiful. I know all dog lovers would appreciate her elegance. I understand that some of Sock’s movements were computer generated but I think that we could overlook that. Overall, this movie is only for dog lovers.

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