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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Korean Movie ~ The Art of Seduction

For a movie with such an interesting title as "The Art of Seduction", sad to say, it was a major yawn for me. This Korean movie is a 2005 romantic comedy which stars Ye-jin Son as Han Ji-wan, a private banker, and Il-guk Song as Seo Min-jun, an architect.

The movie starts rather slow for the first forty minutes. This movie is about 100 minutes, so there was actual entertainment only in the last hour.

Han Ji-wan gets a red hot lacy thong

Actually, the movie did not only start slow, it was jumpy with no actual plot except that it shows the two leads being "playas" in the dating game and dumping their partners when they became bored.

It shows their conquest with the opposite sex and how irresistible they are.

Han Ji-wan and Seo Min-jun in Cheju Island

Each has a tested and proven game plan that was always well-executed, until they met each other. From then onwards, Han Ji-wan and Seo Min-jun pit their skills in seduction against each other. Somehow, their trusted technique cannot work anymore.

Han Ji-wan participating in a dance competition

There were some funny moments but their love techniques became rather lame after awhile as they do they same things repeatedly.

Seo Min-jun being auctioned off as a slave

So there can only be ONE master in the art of seduction, who will be the one?

Han Ji-wan and Seo Min-jun in bed. This always happens!

One thing I have to mention is that I dislike Ye-jin Son's portrayal of Han Ji-wan. Some people think Ye-jin is cute here, some adore her and some even fall in love with her. But me, I really can't stand her pretensions.

Also, although Ye-jin Son and Il-guk Song look good together, there was no chemistry. I do not recommend this movie even if you are so bored with no movie to watch.


medazs said...

agreed. watch it only for the first 30 minutes and then stopped. not interesting enough to finish it.

Cyberpartygal said...

Great! For once someone agrees with my review.

You should have stayed on as the story picked up after the 40th minute or so but overall, it still fell flat.

Amry said...

Seems like it. I just wish that the ending was put to a twist like they could change strategies, or they could have turned from "players" to "true lovers" or anything else. It was entertaining for me though.

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